The Royal Children’s Hospital Online Learning Platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) which allows health professionals everywhere to access education packages developed and designed by clinical and education experts from the Melbourne Children’s Campus.   By providing our resources to clinicians outside the Royal Children’s Hospital we can help achieve “Great Care Everywhere”.

This platform does not replace Learning HERO and staff must continue to use Learning HERO for internal courses and mandatory training. However, the external LMS provides a further avenue for learning – one that can be shared with health professionals outside the organisation.

Before you begin

If you are interested in hosting your course on the RCH Online Learning Platform, it is important to understand what the platform can and cannot do.  Please read through the following documents before you get in touch with us about your course:

Host a course or program

If you have developed a course that you would like to host on the platform, please complete this form to facilitate an initial discussion with the Education Hub.

Course administrator resources

We provide training for course administrators. The nominated course administrator is expected to manage course content and learners following the initial set-up of the course.  You will be given access to the appropriate resources once your course has been approved and uploaded to the RCH Online Learning Platform.  If you do not have access to these resources, please contact us.


For assistance, feedback or questions please email us at