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Amy Gray

Dr. Amy Gray


Amy is a general paediatrician interested in how to enhance teaching and learning in the workplace and keen to develop education research.

Angela Cisternino

Angela Cisternino

Program Coordinator

Angela is here to help you align your educational gaps by providing coordination between clinical departments and the education programs on offer. To support current and new programs, and other education initiatives, Angela can assist you with developing education tools from production to hosting these on Learning HERO and other online and print friendly mediums.

Sean Porashemi

Sean Porashemi

Education Technologist

Sean provides video and audio production solutions, eLearning, technology consulting and support and is keen to find applications for Augmented and Virtual Reality in clinical education.

Mimi Gemmell

Project Officer

Mimi assists with the day-to-day operations of the Education Hub and its online education platforms. She also provides support to interdisciplinary working groups, projects and programs and is an end-to-end product developer for online learning modules.

Arash Daemi

Instructional Designer

Arash ensures the application of appropriate learning design principles and theory to the development of educational resources for the Education Hub. Arash also designs, develops or revamps learning experiences for online delivery to meet specified learning objectives of resources and learning outcomes of learning programs.