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Amy Gray

A/Professor Amy Gray


Amy is a general paediatrician interested in how to enhance teaching and learning in the workplace and keen to develop education research.

Shradha Balia

Program Coordinator

Shradha is the program coordinator for the Education Hub. She is keen to work collaboratively with colleagues across RCH and Campus partners to deliver multidisciplinary education.

Sean Porashemi

Sean Porashemi

Education Technologist

Sean provides technology consulting, web development and eLearning solutions. He is passionate to utilise emerging technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality for educational purposes.

Sean Porashemi

Sean Porashemi

Education Technologist

Sean provides video and audio production solutions, eLearning, technology consulting and support and is keen to find applications for Augmented and Virtual Reality in clinical education.

Emre Acar

Content Producer

Emre has been working in health-education for over 15 years. He is devoted to producing quality content to help achieve learning goals for external stakeholders as well as RCH and its campus partners.

Phoebe Malone

Life Long Learning Coordinator

Phoebe is the lead administrator behind The Paediatric Academy. She is passionate about learning and is excited to develop a community of Academics and Paediatrics, assisting people to unite across the Melbourne Children's Campus and share ideas and knowledge.

Lichin Lim

Education Hub Fellow | Allied Health Clinical Educator

Lichin is a pharmacist passionate about clinical and interprofessional education. She is keen to foster collaboration and build capacity for health professionals to develop and grow in their career.

Emma King

Education Hub fellow

Emma is a nurse practitioner. She is eager to engage and connect with external health care clinicians to enhance community of practice and health outcomes for children and their families.

Dr. Jye Gard

Education Hub fellow

Jye is a general paediatrician and the Education Hub Research Fellow. He uses his expertise in education and outcome-focused research to improve learning, drive healthcare improvements and enhance the clinical cares we provide to children.

Steve Lacey

Education Hub fellow

Steve works as Tutor Medical Imaging Technologist at RCH. He is currently undergoing his fellowship as the Allied Health Education Fellow and is predominately preparing and recording podcasts for healthcare professionals.

Dr. Kathleen McGrath

Education Hub fellow

Kathleen is a Paediatric Gastroenterologist with a strong interest in collaborative education in healthcare. She is using her fellowship to develop educational programs and resources focussed on childhood growth, feeding and nutrition as well as professional development for clinicians.

Dr. Mikhaila Lazanyi

Education Hub fellow

Mikhaila is a paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist. She is passionate about education and her current fellowship is based around improving sexual and reproductive health counselling of adolescents.