This podcast is for any health professional wanting to learn more about how to provide best-practice clinical care for children and their families.

In each episode, experts from The Melbourne Children's Campus provide advice and insights, tips and tricks, and discuss latest research findings on a range of topics.

As well as clinical and research-focused episodes, you will also find episodes that can help you and your team perform at your best in times of high stress. To help with navigation and to distinguish between episode types, we have organised our episodes into playlists and used the following key in the episode titles: CWTE = Conversations with the expert (clinical topics), PP = Paediatric Papers (research), LEAP = Listen, Empower, Adapt, Perform - mindfulness for healthcare workers, by healthcare workers.

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Teach Think Treat

The conversation with the experts

Disclaimer: This podcast has been produced by The Education Hub, a collaboration between the Royal Children's Hospital and the University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics. The producers have made considerable efforts to ensure the information contained in the podcast is accurate, evidence-based and up to date at the time of publication however the information and advice offered is intended as a guide only and does not replace the need for clinical expertise and the application of clinical judgment to each individual presentation. This podcast should not be reproduced without the written permission of The Education Hub (