The Education Hub has put together some technology kits to make filming education and virtual meetings easier.  These are available for short-term loan (no longer than 2 days) if they are needed for educational purposes by internal staff.

The kits available are:

Mobile filming kit

The purpose of the mobile filming kit is for filming one person on a smartphone. Please see the information sheet for more information. The box contains:

1 x Wireless Microphone System compatible with all smartphones
1 x Phone mount for tripod
1 x Flexileg tripod
1 x Directional mic for iPhone/iPad

Videoconferencing kit (2 available)

If you are attending a virtual meeting and 2-6 participants are physically in the room attending with you, we have a Videoconferencing kit which includes a webcam, tripod and a Bluetooth conference calling speaker-microphone. Please see the information sheet for more information.

Presenting online kit

We have equipment to help you present online, including a kit that contains:

1 x Webcam (with inbuilt microphone)
1 x Tripod
1 x External microphone

Feel free to distribute this more broadly to let your colleagues know that these are available to them for educational purposes.  To borrow any of these kits or if you need help deciding what equipment would best suit your educational need, please email