The Clown Doctor Workshops

The Clown Doctor Workshops are interactive, lively, and fun. They focus on principles over techniques, and taking responsibility for your own actions rather than trying to control the actions of others. Participants will leave the workshops better equipped to engage effectively with patients, families, and colleagues in a wide range of clinical and work environments.

Play: In this workshop we invite you to be playful.

Curiosity: We will play games that encourage curiosity.

Engaging with Spirit: In some activities we will challenge you to remain buoyant in moments of difficulty (in a playful way, of course).

Self-Awareness: We start the workshop with activities that require self-awareness. Far from isolating people, self-awareness is a great tool for connection.

Self-Reflective Practice: You will contribute to your own learning and the learning of others by sharing your experiences of the workshop activities.

Details for upcoming workshops can be found on Sharepoint and registration is available through Learning Hero.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are fun and stimulating sessions that promote collaboration, creativity, and teamwork!

In an Escape Room you'll work together with your team mates to solve a series of puzzles and find your way out before the clock reaches zero.

They promote:

  • Team building
  • Camaraderie
  • Outside of the box thinking

Virtual Reality

Coming soon.