PIPER Paediatric Outreach Education Program
An Outreach Education program is available to hospitals throughout Victoria, Southern NSW and Tasmania. We run two types of programs currently: an online interactive webinar for multiple learners, as well as a face to face program for individual hospitals. Please see details here.

PIPER Neonatal Outreach Education Program
We provide leadership in and continuing education for all healthcare professionals involved in perinatal care. Please see details here.

Hopkins Symposium 2022

The Hopkins symposium honours Dr Ian Hopkins, the first trained paediatric neurologist in Australia and founder of the symposium.  The symposium has been run annually since 1979. It is designed primarily for general paediatricians, and aims to cover practical topics in paediatric neurology.

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13th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference 2022

7th to 9th of September 2022

Children's Bioethics Centre : 13th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference 2022 (rch.org.au)

Practical Skills in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics

7th October 2022, 9am-10:30am and 14th October 2022, 10:45am-12:30pm

About:The 27th Annual Professional Development Program for Community Paediatricians from The Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

The 2022 PDP will consist of four sessions over two half days via webinar. Sessions will provide practical information about developmental-behavioural paediatrics from expert colleagues.

To register, please go to Eventbrite here.